Tina Lameman

Originally from Beaver Lake, Tina has worked on several drama and stage projects including Heartland and Road To Saddle River. Tina was part of an ensemble cast that wrote, directed and acted in the play Running Through The Devils' Club, which was performed at the 1994 Fringe Festival in Edmonton. The play was about 5 women from different backgrounds and cultures who all dealt with being survivors of child sexual abuse. Tina also played the lead character in a video for Native Counseling Services of Alberta in 2000.


Tina started training for acting in 1989 when she enrolled in the Theatre Arts Program at Grant MacEwan in Edmonton. Although she found that Musical Theatre was not for her she continued her training by taking a Film Acting course in Edmonton in 1991 at The Other Agency. She was asked by her teacher at the time if she would like to sign with her new acting agency and Tina accepted. She got small parts over the years and continued to support herself and her young son by working as a secretary and bookkeeper. Although most of the parts Tina Lameman took had a lot to do with social issues, she really had a passion for comedy. She was given the opportunity when Ron E. Scott cast her as Josie Fraser in Mixed Blessings. Tina won Best Actress at the 2007 Alberta Film and Television Awards for her role on Mixed Blessings.