EPISODE 1 "Josie is Fired"

Josie is laid off at the restaurant, so Hank and Tazz launch a boycott to see her re-hired. Tazz resorts to sabotage, the police are forced to intervene, and in the aftermath, when Hank makes a house call, romance flowers.

EPISODE 2 "Secret Love"

Hank and Josie rendezvous at the house again, but Josie wants to break it off. Desolate, Hank attends a bush party with Tazz, but runs into Vicky, his daughter. After a long night of despair, Hank makes a final appeal to Josie, and the episode ends in Las Vegas, with an Elvis impersonator as Best Man.

EPISODE 3 "Bring Family Together"

Hank and Josie struggle to keep their marriage a secret, as Mick announces he's quitting school and moving out. Hank attempts a lunchtime meet and greet between his kids and Josie at the café, which bombs, then convenes an inter-family bowling date, with even more disastrous results.

EPISODE 4 "Choices"

Once again Josie wants to end their relationship, despite their new married (but still secret) status. Hank insists on sorting it out, and during an arranged tryst, Mick drops by with friends. Hank is forced to make to make a naked escape, only to land in jail, where he and Mick have their final confrontation.

EPISODE 5 "Traditional Wedding"

The marriage is finally outed and Josie announces plans to do it again, a traditional Native ceremony this time, outdoors. Mick refuses to attend, and, during the ceremony, when the groom's family retires by canoe to a distant island, they're stranded, then manage to set the island afire.

EPISODE 6 "Pilot"

The two families make the move to one house - Josie's - but Vicky isn't cooperating. As Hank and Josie look to buy a new house, Vicky finally shows up on the back of a motorcycle, and Hank loses it, bringing out his shotgun "for cleaning."

EPISODE 7 "Pow Wow"

Mick will be drumming at the local pow wow, and issues an invitation to the family which does not include Hank. Hank and Mick clash again over the matter, Grandma intercedes, and the entire family attends the pow wow, where Hank tries a little Native culture, with mixed results.