Emma Duncan

Emma is Canadian through and through. Born in Lethbridge, and raised in and around Southern Alberta, Emma began acting when she was four years old. Emma studied in Edmonton at the Citadel Theatre, and participated in screen acting studies at the Sea Coast Studio in Vancouver.


She has appeared in plays in Canada and the U.S., all kinds of shows from Dracula to Blue Room to The Sound of Music. She also guests now and then with the Die Nasty improv troupe, as one of the many characters she created (Phobia Trollop and Chil Tortilla-Tortilla are two of her most popular).


Emma is an Alberta Film & Television Award Nominee. Some of her selected film and tv credits include Scar 3D, Santas Slay, Jackie Collins Hollywood Wives, The Next Generation, Body and Soul, 7 Days, Merely Players (Pilot), The Beat Sightings (Pilot), Mentors, Cursed and A Transient, Shining Trouble, Caitlin's Way, and the host of Virtually Seeking Information. Emma is also heavily involved in the Alberta music scene where she sings both classical choral music and jazz.