Griffin Powell-Arcand
Griffin is a grade 7 student who currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his Mom (Shar), Step-dad (John) Sister (Amber), a Chihuahua (Olive), and a Pug (Bunna)


Griffin's first role at 4 years of age was Thunderboy in the Hallmark mini-series Dreamkeeper. He then went on to do another Mini-Series, Disney's Little House on the Prairie in 2005, and by the time Griffin was 6 years old he was cast as Ethan Bearclaw in the TV series Moccasin Flats for APTN and Showcase.


Griffin loves filming Mixed Blessings because it's a chance to show his comedic side. His favorite pastimes include Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Drawing, Soccer, Basketball, Football, learning Guitar, and Clarinet, and of course playing his X-BOX 360.